Nov 23, 2011

High drama and mindless Hungama

Why do we Indians need reality shows such as Bigg Boss when we
witness great action 24x7 at the school gate, in the local train, aboard the college bus, across the movie theatre, around the traffic circle
‘Drama in real life’ was a column in Reader’s Digest for most Indians, only until Big Boss made inroads into our living room via the television screen.

Now there is rama, high drama and mindless hungama everyday in the form of these reality shows. For those who tuned in late, Big Boss is a live telecast of the lives of a bunch of cantankerous people from a heterogeneous group held captive under strange circumstances.

Soulful Nightingale

Sunitha GOPARAJU is the voice that has regaled the Telugu audience with over 600 songs and by lending her voice to 80 heroines in 520 movies... write Manju Latha Kalanidhi

Her mobile phone caller tune is in sharp contrast to what she is. The song goes ‘Andamga lena, assalem baalena (Am I not beautiful? Am I really so awful?) but Tollywood singer and dubbing queen Sunitha Goparaju is considered to be one of the most gorgeous singers in the industry with a pleasing personality to match her looks.

Catch her in her Madhapur apartment on any work day morning and you will see a talented multi-tasker who can toss up a dosa, do a conference call with her office, answer a journo’s question and email a picture on her iPad.

On the professional front too, she juggles a host of things. “Like all Indian women, I am a good multi-tasker too. I host live music shows, I dub for the Bollywood girls in Telugu movies. And yes, I am a playback singer too,” she says proudly.
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