Jun 29, 2011

Review of 180

I like the little elements in 180 more than the whole package. The poster itself is interesting with the '1' looking like a depleting bone (symbolic of life's vulnerability), the 8 designed like an hourglass, again to remind you of how short life is and the 0 with a heart in it. But by the end of it.. read the rest at

Settling scores

DD came back from school saying she had one 'good' news and one 'sad' news. First the good news - She is in yellow house. Owww we are fans of yellow in our house. We have a yellow corner, yellow curtains, yellow wardrobes... The sad news - A boy from another house said Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow :(
So DD and I decided to give tit for tat for all other groups. This is what we came up with (with help from generous friends and online forums)
Green, green, bathroom clean
Blue blue, polish my shoe
Red, red, sussu in the bed!!!
Yayyy, feeling so good after we said it aloudddd

Jun 17, 2011

Spare the rod, spoil the spouse

Me: Hey,Good morning (to IBH), Its 630.
IBH: Gives a lazy smile.
Me: )Goes to main hall to do my own stuff)
Me: Hellow, 640 already. I think you should get up. Really. U want coffee?
IBH: Hmmmm. Whaat.. yawwnn, (tosses around and snores again)
Me: Good morning again, here's coffee
IBH: Mutters a feeble thanks (but still in bed)
IBH: Wakes up with a start, runs to the restroom, guzzles his coffee, wakes up DD, gets her dressed like in fast forward TV and all set to go
Moral of the story: Spare the rod, spoil the spouse

Jun 14, 2011

Movie review: Veera

Have you ever taken a six year old to a movie? The child sits still exactly for 12 straight minutes and then gets restless about going home. Veera does the same with grown-ups. Almost every 20 minutes, you look up your watch or check your Facebook messages on your phone. Not one single scene binds you or lets you connect with the movie. Read more at

Jun 13, 2011

Profound conversations

DD: Does everybody get old?
Me: Yes!
DD: You. Me, Dad.?
Me: Yes, of course.!
DD: How old will you be when I am as old as you?
Me: I will be as old as granny
DD: Awww.
Me: It's really okay. We all get old and that is the law of nature.
DD: That's not the issue. Which means that by the time I get as old as say 20, Ramcharan (actor Magadheera fame and her favourite) will become old. I don't want him to get older. Ever! Yes, he must be as good looking as he is now and never turn old.
Me; What!!!!!!
Ramcharan, your problem now

Theme of the month, song of the day

I am obsessed with To-Do lists, checklists, reminders, planners and such. A brilliant idea struck me this weekend. Like UN, I want to have a theme for each month at home. So this month it is Maintain Peace. IBH and I will not be screaming at each other. We will whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears instead. Ha! Seriously, we have 15 more days to follow this. The rules are simple: We cannot scream at each other. If we are angry, we can shoot off a mail or a sms and let the other know the problem. Or the angry person can simply leave the room and walk out. It has worked the last two days. Next month is Reuse, Reduce and Recycle month. I am so excited with such things. By the way, DD and I have a pact. We have started a new 'Song of the Day' concept. So every day at 8 pm, we turn on the computer and play one favourite song at full blast and dance to it. One day I choose the song, one day she chooses. We found this to be a great way to bond and spend QT (quality time!!!). It's my turn and today's song of the day: Jab We Met's Mauja hi Mauja.. Yayyy.

School Cool

I am back to blogging. Well, I am trying to give it a shot once again. Have been having so many stray thoughts going across my mind that I might as well put it in writing and vent my spleen here than subject my poor husband (henceforth referred to as infinitely better half IBH) and my darling daughter (DD). Let us see if blogging helps us to stick to Gokul (that's the name of the house I reside in) theme of the month - Maintain Peace :)
So you will find me blogging more often (hopefully), make sense (keep your fingers crossed) and let peace prevail at home.
Today was DD's first day at school. Annoyed that the school teacher could not spot her name (most brilliant, beautiful name according to many) in the list. She scanned the list thrice and said she could not find the name. We were sure it was, because DD was in the Telugu first language section. How come it was missing.? I took over the list, I saw DD's name right there. I can't believe DD will be taught by someone who cannot spot a simple name in the list. Duh! DD seemed enthu abt school and had a sweet smile throughout. She looked charming in her new uniform and seemed confident. Day 1 is always easy. Wonder how it will go after Day 2 and Day 3. Keeping fingers and all other appendages crossed to see the transition from vacations to full school happen smoothly. IBH will also have some time for himself from now.