Mar 17, 2012

Daughter of my dreams

Why do I always feel that moms who blog are truly super women? Perhaps the thought and assumption that if they are married, have kids, perhaps have jobs and still manage to find some time to talk about their child, life and other issues, they must be really good time managers, perhaps they must really be passionate, perhaps they love their wards so much that they dont leave any stone or blog unturned.

Now, will I be able to do this.. Let me give it a try I could discontinue in a few days.. u'll never know. I am not sure how much I can sustain.. but nevertheless..

First, what was it that I wanted when I imagined a family. For some reason, I've always dreamt of having one girl child. My vision of a happy family was - happiness - celebration - festival - girl wearing glittery lehenga and twinking bangles. So there we stop at a girl child.

It is also rooted to my childhood where a friend of mine - who was a single child - somehow managed to get better marks (with my mom bemoaning - she is a single child and her mom must be giving her complete attention), she was better dressed (same reason), she is more talented (their parents can afford such things as they don't have other kids)... So it was my dream to have one child and a girl child at that. What would I have done if I had a son? I would have had another one for a girl. What would I have done if I had two sons.. I would have taken sanyaas!!! Thankfully, I got what a dreamt. End of story!